Jones Family Cemetery Beginnings

By law, if a piece of land has established graves on it, it can be grandfathered in as a cemetery. Bob Jones did not know this when his youngest son, Mike, died suddenly and tragically. It was a good friend of the family, Bob Hamilton, who helped Bob Jones, when he said he wanted to bury his son at Cornudas.


Photo Album – “The Places”

These are “The Places” I have photos of at this time: Wineglass, Mulberry, Side Tank, Griffin.

I need photos of the Fritz and Martha’s place, and the house where Fritz and Nita lived.

Mr. Jones and the Indian

And that’s where he told me the story about going to Arizona. And the Indians stole their horses. They tried to get them back and they didn’t get them back, and he was heading back home. And he looked up on the ridge and there was an Indian.

Stone Well

Stone wells ran on gasoline engines that went very, very slow to gain mechanical advantage to pump the well with. They were 20 feet in diameter.