Alton Jones – You Couldn’t Stampede Him

stampedeIt was hard to ruffle Alton Jones’ feathers, or, as his grandson Bobby Jones put it, “You couldn’t stampede him.”

Alton liked to tease his wife Laura, and he would work at it until he got her pretty wound up and aggravated.  Most of their grand kids remember Alton sitting at the dining room table teasing Laura without let up about this or that as she worked in the kitchen.

Bobby Jones tells the story that once Alton went too far, made his mostly calm-natured wife, Laura, a little too mad and she threw a fork at him.  Her aim was true and the fork struck and quivered in Alton’s arm. As the fork quivered, it’s prongs stuck in his flesh, Alton’s comment was only “Guess you got mad.” He seemed to think it was funny.

Elmer Akers would become mentally ill from time to time. And in those times, he would put out a list of people he intended to kill. Alton Jones was always at the top of the list. As the story goes, Alton came upon Elmer during one of his unstable times and Elmer pulled a gun on him. Alton, unaffected, simply advised Elmer to put the gun away before he hurt himself.

Contributed by Bobby Jones


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