Alton Scatters Grandkids

altonscattersThere are many stories about Alton Jones’ peculiar driving techniques and their consequences. For the most part, when driving Alton maintained a steady speed, regardless of the high or low spots laid out in the rutted road before him.

On a hot and dry summer day, most likely sometime in the decade of the 60’s, Alton Jones drove down a dusty dirt road in a Chevrolet pickup with running boards. All but two of his grandchildren were on board, riding in various spots in the back of the pick up. Carol Ann was standing on the running board between the front and back tires. Bobby, Sheryl, Dee Ann, Mike, and Tom were also riding in back when Alton hit a bump large enough to toss each and every grandchild out of the pickup and scatter them roadside. Carol Ann landed between the front and back tires, just in time for the back tires to run over her legs.

Hearing the commotion of grandkids just tossed out like salad, Alton stopped and came back to collect his grandchildren and assess the damage. Seeing that he had run over Carol Ann he gathered them all up and headed back to the house at Sidetank. Carol Ann’s mother, Mona Lou, had to be shocked when Alton carried her oldest child in the house, handed her off calmly and commented, “It’s not broke, but it’s bruised as hell.” True to Alton’s observation, Carol Ann sported those tread marks on her legs for months to come.


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