Bob Jones and the Reflection

bobBob Jones was a young man, living at home. One evening on a dark night, he went to get a drink of water. He was standing by a window and when he saw his reflection, he proceeded to make faces into the dark window to amuse himself. Trouble was, the reflection looking back at him did not change it’s expression to match the faces he was making. Instead, the face on the other side of the dark window stared back at Bob stoned faced, and after a moment, Bob realized the the face looking back at him was not his own reflection. It was a man on the other side of the window looking in. In those days, men who had crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico walked across that country often looking for work. The hair stood up on the back of Bob’s neck as he realized he wasn’t not looking at himself. And the man and the face disappeared into the dark night.
As told to Hugh and Darlene Roberts by Bob Jones


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