Cornudas Spanish for “Horned”



The Texas State Historical Association shares this information at:

CORNUDAS MOUNTAINS. The Cornudas Mountains lie eighteen miles northwest of Dell City in north central Hudspeth County and southern Otero County, New Mexico (with a center point of 32°02′ N, 105°32′ W). At 7,023 feet above sea level, the summit of San Antonio Mountain, just south of the Texas-New Mexico line, is the highest point in the Cornudas; the other two prominent peaks in Hudspeth County are Chattfield Mountain at 6,247 feet and Washburn Mountain at 5,697 feet. The Washburn and Persimmon springs on Washburn Mountain were known to nineteenth-century travelers and were shown on maps of the area from the 1860s and 1870s. The springs flowed from the Tertiary intrusive rocks, over two million years old, that constitute the core of the Cornudas Mountains; in the 1980s both springs were dry. The soils in the Cornudas are shallow and stony and support scrub brush and grasses. The name Cornudas, Spanish for “horned,” presumably refers to the way the mountains protrude from the surrounding terrain. (Bold and italics ours)


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