Problem With A Mean Horse

juniorbillJunior and Bill Jones were teenagers staying at Mulberry one summer taking care of the place. They were breaking a horse was they would stake down at nights away from the house. It took two to lead the horse, one to lead and one to carry a 2×4 to beat the horse off the one leading. When Tom and Emmett came out to the ranch to check on them, they told him the problem they were having with this horse. He told them to go get it and he watched as they brought it to him, one leading and one with a 2 x 4 to keep it off the one leading. He told the horse and told to get in the barn where they would be safe. Somehow he got the horse to lay down using only ropes. Emmett wasn’t sure how he did that. But then he told them the horse would eventually kill one of them, so he got a gun and took the horse behind the barn and shot it.


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