Wreck At Side Tank

brandingovenThe following story developed on Facebook after I shared a photo that Michelle posted I think. I remember the incident vividly, because Wade and I were the first two to attempt to flank this heifer…things quickly deteriorated.  My high school Ag Teacher Lance Smith was there and tells it better than I can. There were more comments, but I’m trying to keep it a short story. I refer to it as “The Wreck at Side Tank.”

Lance Smith
Jerry, I remember when that same branding furnace was hung up on the head of a 500 lb heifer and she was running around the branding pen waving it at everyone, and 15 of us was trying to get her throwed and get it off her head. She had jerked the propane hose loose from the bottle and it was spewing propane gas. I ran over and got the valve turned off. Talk about a wreck. I remember Terry Nelson getting run over when he was trying to get a hold of her to flank her. I remember hands and arms reaching for a tail to slow her, so someone could get a hold of her to throw her down. When it was all said and done, there was 5 or 6 of us sitting someplace on top of her holding her down and all of us was looking at the cuts , scraps, bruises, dirt and crap that was plastered on us. Needless to say, she got her butt branded and if she had been a bull calf, more would have been done…there was vengeance in the air…for a while (big Laugh)

Jerry Jones
I would like to know the run over count

Lance Smith
Jerry, run over count was 5, 6, or 7, if I remember, I think she got a piece of all of us. What started it was, Bob was dragging calves and he was being kind to all us flankers, small calves he was heading, the larger calves he was healing. He had tried several times to heal this heifer and she stepped thru the loop. She had wised up real quick that this was the easiest way not to get caught. Bob kept dragging and healing and every now and then he’d get in position and try to heal her and she’d step thru the loop. Well it finally got down to where most everything had been worked and he tried her again and she dodged the loop. Bob blew up then and cried “you son of a bitch, I’ve had about all the crap I’m going to take from you this morning”(or something to that affect or much more colorful), he kicked his horse and he and his horse jumped right in the middle of that ‘ol heifer. He dropped his loop right square onto her head, kicked his horse into a dead run (even though the pen was only 20 or 55 yds long or so) and hauled that calf to the working area, course she was bouncing, kicking, bellering, swagging back and forth and then she swung into the branding furnace and hooked it and then got her head thru the branding iron support. She had a rope and a branding furnace around her neck, the wreck had started!

Posted by Jerry Jones
As told by Lance Smith and remembered by all who were there.


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