WWII letter from Bob to Fritz about a B-17 on a training mission that crashed in the Wineglass

Because of the historical significance, I transcribed the letter so it would be easier to read. To honor the deceased crew and their descendants, Wade Bennett placed a historical marker at the state line, facing toward the area the B-17 on a training mission went down.

Dear Fritz,

We came out Sunday and Saturday we fed at Chess, Rim & Flattop and home. Tuesday we got some pipe and hooked up Dad’s new engine. We pumped water from the new tank to the Rim on the hill. Wednesday we pumped and Thursday, thats today, Monkey, Bill and Pansy came over. There was a plane that cracked up in the Wine Glass and we all heard the explosion. Roscoe and the rest of us all argued about it. We thought it was a bomb or a crash. Jack and Julia came up later and told us that they had heard an explosion, went to look and saw thick, black smoke boiling up from some where in Wine Glass. They rushed to the pick up and went to investigate the incident. It took them only 40 min to reach to crack up. It was in Washburn draw in the

Upper part near the fence. The plane looked as though it had lit on its nose and flipped over. It exploded twice and blew things to fragments. A trapper had turned in the happening to the army offices at Fort Bliss. The plane was a huge four motored B-17. Five men were killed and none excaped. There were no survivors. Bodies were torn and still burning. Bomb sight was a mile from plane. Only one man had any head and his ears were burned off.

I caught up Button to day and boy is he fat. I fed him, put my new bridle I bought on him.

I got on him bareback and rode around. He was snortified and gripey but nothing happened. I sure wish you were here. May be this war will get over soon and you can come home. We are going over to Bill and Pansy tomorrow to eat rooster.


Mary Walcott, Gail and Bill & Pansy, Monkey and John Collins went to a dance at High Rolls and the party got kind’a’ rough from Monkey’s talk. I wish you would write


I’ll get Snip up and get throwed off purty soon maybe. I’ve just about covered everything so Adios
You Brother
Bob Jones
P.s. Sweep those decks extra good now.

A song,

Ridin down the canyon
To watch the sun go down
Riding down the canyon
I’m ready to leave town
Ridin over the hill
For the wide, western prairie
Ridin over the hill
Going back to Sweet Marie-e-e
Ridin above the ridges
To watch the sun go down
Ridin above the ridges
To feel my heart go round

Good bye
Posted by Jerry Jones


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