Jones Family Cemetery Beginnings


Bob Hamilton at Alton Jones Funeral at Cornudas Family Cemetery

By law, if a piece of land has established graves on it, it can be grandfathered in as a cemetery. Bob Jones did not know this when his youngest son, Mike, died suddenly and tragically. It was a good friend of the family, Bob Hamilton, who helped Bob Jones when he said he wanted to bury his son at Cornudas. Bob Hamilton owned Hamilton Funeral Home in Alamogordo.

There were old graves at Cornudas. Some of early settlers and some of folks who were just passing through this wild country and had met with difficult circumstances they did not manage to survive. So, for that reason, and with Bob Hamilton’s kind help, a family cemetery was established and continues to be used today. Along the way, some close friends have also been laid to rest at Cornudas.

Through the years traditions have developed, in many cases due to necessity, such as friends and family coming in to help dig graves. Fellowship such as this in the saddest of times, many would say, helps with the healing. But in any case, it looks back to a time before funeral homes, when taking care of a loved one in death was part the journey.

cemetarymarkerfeatureWe, as a family, thank Bobby and Pat Jones for looking after the resting place of our loved ones in such a thoughtful and dedicated way.



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