Mr. Jones and the Indian

Audio File of Emmett Jones telling the story

As told to Emmett Jones when he was a little boy by Grandpa Jones

“I didn’t know him (Tom Willis Jones)  until he was real old. I remember him from time he left bath house in T or C, and came and lived with Aunt Brooke for awhile. I remember him sitting on the front porch of a wooden two story house in Alamogordo. The house hasn’t been there for years.

I would go down and talk to him. And that’s where he told me the story about going to Arizona. And the Indians stole their horses. They tried to get them back and they didn’t get them back, and he was heading back home. And he looked up on the ridge and there was an Indian. And so he fell off his horse and hid in the grass and he stayed there all night. Come daylight,  he eased around and peaked around. And then he could tell… it wasn’t an Indian. It was a dagger. (Yucca)”


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