Like most families, we all wish we had all the stories in hand that were told to us as we grew up and didn’t yet know how much they would one day mean to us. The goal of the Thirsty Dust Project (working title) is to create a container for those stories and pictures about the Jones family and those joined to them… inlaws, outlaws, friends, and neighbors….those we’ve worked, laughed, and sorrowed with.


Our intent isn’t so much to fact check, but to share the stories we’ve heard all our lives along with the treasured pictures we are fortunate to possess.

Why  Name It Thirsty Dust?

We know that people are looking at old family photos wishing that they had the history and stories behind them.

Thirsty Dust is our attempt to “satisfy our thirst and dust off these memories” so that they might not be lost forever.  (Thank you Pat Jones for providing that beautiful sum up.)

Plus, rain is usually a rare commodity in this country, so the name Thirsty Dust seemed fitting and easy to remember.

You can comment on existing posts, or send stories or info in an email to:

As things are collected, we will put them on this blog so that comments can be made. We do preserve the right to choose what to put on this blog. Nothing slanderous or of too personal a nature will be shared.