New Alton Jones Photo

This is a new photo of Alton Jones. He appears to be in his 20’s. It was contributed by Bobby and Pat Jones Advertisements


Jones Family Cemetery Beginnings

By law, if a piece of land has established graves on it, it can be grandfathered in as a cemetery. Bob Jones did not know this when his youngest son, Mike, died suddenly and tragically. It was a good friend of the family, Bob Hamilton, who helped Bob Jones, when he said he wanted to bury his son at Cornudas.

Photo Album – “The Places”

These are “The Places” I have photos of at this time: Wineglass, Mulberry, Side Tank, Griffin.

I need photos of the Fritz and Martha’s place, and the house where Fritz and Nita lived.


Photo Album – Generations

Who will you see in these pictures?
Tom Willis Jones, Matilda Jones, Tom Jones Jr and family, Teddy Jones Lee, Chalk and Lilly Norton, JT Bennet, Pansy Jones, Bill Jones, Junior Jones, Emmett Jones.


Letter from Bob to Fritz in WWII when Bob shot his foot.

Photos: Fritz Jones, Alton Jones, Tom Jones

“I am laid up pretty bad. The bullet went as below illustrated. I had my shoes on. It stopped in my foot.”