Jones Family Cemetery Beginnings

By law, if a piece of land has established graves on it, it can be grandfathered in as a cemetery. Bob Jones did not know this when his youngest son, Mike, died suddenly and tragically. It was a good friend of the family, Bob Hamilton, who helped Bob Jones, when he said he wanted to bury his son at Cornudas.


Stone Well

Stone wells ran on gasoline engines that went very, very slow to gain mechanical advantage to pump the well with. They were 20 feet in diameter.


Antique spurs belonging to Bill and Pansy Jones.


Indian Monument At Top of Wind Mountain

There was once an indian monument at the top of Wind Mountain. As Bobby remembers Bob telling him, when Bob was a kid, around 10 years old, the monument could be seen from the ground. In WWII the Signal Corp tore it down.


WWII letter from Bob to Fritz about a B-17 on a training mission that crashed in the Wineglass

Because of the historical significance, I transcribed the letter so it would be easier to read. To honor the deceased crew and their descendants, Wade Bennett placed a historical marker at the state line, facing toward the area the B-17 on a training mission went down.


Butterfield Stage

Anyone familiar with the history of the Cornudas Mountains knows the Butterfield Stage Route came through this country between 1857 to 1860.


Cornudas Spanish for “Horned”

The Cornudas Mountains lie eighteen miles northwest of Dell City in north Central Hudspeth County and souther Otero County, New Mexico.