New Alton Jones Photo

This is a new photo of Alton Jones. He appears to be in his 20’s. It was contributed by Bobby and Pat Jones Advertisements


Mr. Jones and the Indian

And that’s where he told me the story about going to Arizona. And the Indians stole their horses. They tried to get them back and they didn’t get them back, and he was heading back home. And he looked up on the ridge and there was an Indian.

Tom Builds Quirt For Bill

When Bill Jones was about 16, he was working with his father, Tom, for the Circle Cross out with the wagons. Bill had a horse that he couldn’t make go very good.


Alton Jones Leaving to World War I Turns A Model T Over

When going to Alamogordo NM to get on the train to go to the Army during World War 1, Alton Jones and a few friends were out in the red sands almost to the train tracks headed to town in a Model T.


One of the Reasons Son’s of Thomas Willis Jones Were Good Horsemen…

The Jones men were good horseman. One of the reasons for this is growing up they had to break aged horses. And while they were riding a bronc their father, Thomas Willis Jones, would ride up beside them…


Bulldog A Deer From a Jeep

´╗┐Earl Coors, Paul Gentry, and Hugh Roberts got the adventurous idea to try to bulldog a deer from a jeep out on the salts flats, around Dell City.


Wreck At Side Tank

The following story developed on Facebook after I shared a photo that Michelle posted I think. I remember the incident vividly, because Wade and I were the first two to attempt to flank this heifer…things quickly deteriorated. My high school Ag Teacher Lance Smith was there and tells it better than I can.